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Gio has been singing for over 20 years. He has a range that Freddie Mercury would be jealous of. Once heard you will not be able to stop listening!



Mike Notar has been playing piano for nearly 15 years and bass for 12 years. Unlike other bassists, don’t expect to see him in one spot for too long. Rocking out is in his blood.


Andrew Fox has been playing for nearly 15 years and currently teaches guitar as his profession. He is one of NJ’s premier guitarists and one of the areas best kept secrets.


Those Backseat Boys

Formed in January 2011, Backseat Love Affair has been taking it to the stage and rocking every venue they step foot in. Whether it be small bars/pubs to some of the biggest clubs in the state. Not to mention many fundraising events and even red carpet parties for The Housewives of New Jersey. They are a conglomerate of musicians with many years of experience, rocking all kinds of venues in all kinds of environments, always taking bringing it to the max! With a song list of 250+ songs (and growing) at any given time, You will be sure to here all your favorites one after the next. And because of their in your face, high energy sound they have drawn the interest of, and played with, many musicians in the limelight. Such as: The Benjamins, Dennis Zimmer (Lita Ford and Big Orange Cone), Steve Brown (Trixter), and many more


Anthony Anello is a classically trained jazz drummer with almost 15 years experience. He keeps the night going with his fun loving attitude and amazing technique.